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What a local wedding planner gives You no one else can?

Frissítve: jan. 11.

Nowadays, in this global World it’s normal to plan your wedding out of the country you actually live in. It is also not rare to undertake this sweet burden by the couple (together or the bride or the groom) without professional help - a wedding planner. But we - of course - have some reasons, why it is highly recommended to involve a local wedding planner, if planning your wedding in Hungary.

wedding in hungary
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You might think you are not alone. Not only because Michael Jackson sings this for you LOL, but also because you might have a wedding mc (master of ceremony), your Best Man, your Maid of Honour, your Hungarian family and/or friend(s) or the wedding planner of the wedding venue...

First of all, I should start with explaining what I mean when I say “wedding planner”. In Hungary wedding planners are entrepreneurs or companies doing this task as a full-time job independently from any other wedding vendors (e.g. wedding venues, hotels). If in the signature of a sales representative of a wedding venue, restaurant, event hall or a hotel you see the title “wedding planner” you might think you have a 2:1 somebody for this task. You don’t. If you have a wedding mc you might think you covered all the tasks a local wedding planner could do for you. You didn’t. If you have a talented Best Man or MoH having experience with other weddings, you might think you have a professional help. You don’t. I tell you why.

The most important success factor of a wedding is your personality. The wedding must reflect your personality, lifestyle and priorities. It must be self-identical, otherwise you will not feel yourself comfortable in it. Do you think, the sales representative of a wedding venue has a separate list of recommended wedding vendors for each “type” of couples? They don’t. They have only one list of vendors with 1 sound- and light rental company, one furniture rental company, 2-3 photographers, 1-2 cinematographers and 1-2 decorators they love to work with. Each couple will get the same list. The most important advantage of hiring a local wedding planner is the months of planning, what you spend together with her. She will get to know you over the weeks/months and will recommend wedding vendors, who are not only in your target budget and are available on your wedding day, but whose personality is also close to you. She will help you in arranging the extra day program(s) (if any) at other locations, accommodation and transportation of guests, in going through the legal process of the official marriage in Hungary (if any) and every little detail you wish to have in your wedding. There is no bad choice. You might be glad with that standard list and help in standard things, the decision is yours. It’s just something you need to think over.

You might have enough time and stress tolerance to choose all of your wedding vendors, concluding contracts with them, doing site visits in the months before the wedding. And you might think you have someone (wedding mc, Best Man, Maid of Honour, a friend or family member) on the wedding day to coordinate the vendors. I have questions for you what you should ask from him/her or yourself about each of them:

- wedding mc: ask him when he used to arrive on the wedding day (answer: half hour before ceremony or welcome reception - if you ask a wedding planner, the answer will be “before the first vendor arrives to the venue in the morning”);

- Best Man: does he speaks Hungarian? Does he know Hungary? Did he visited the wedding venue with you and does he know every little detail of the wedding day agenda?

- Maid of Honour: do you want your best friend be by your side on your wedding day or do you want her to spend the day at the wedding venue from the morning checking, if everything goes well?

- Family member/friend: do you want these people to celebrate your love and marriage obliviously with you and partying high or do you want them to have tasks, stress and responsibility in connection with your wedding?

Should I continue? I think it’s clear what I want to say. It’s always good, if you have helpers I listed above, but it’s never the same like having a wedding organiser or wedding planner in Hungary. I highly recommend to chat with some of us before deciding on hiring or not hiring professional help for your wedding in Hungary. It costs nothing, it obliges you to nothing and it takes just 30 mins / planner. If you think I can be one of them you talk with, send me an e-mail today!

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