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Our story

We met each other and wedding planning back in 2007 at a wedding planner course. We "accidentally" sit down next to each other, but as it used to be life proved were no coincides in life. During that time I (Timi) was planning my own wedding (2008), for which I needed a coordinator on the wedding day. I called Viki. Next year I have launched the first version of this website, and soon international inquiries from clients mostly wanting to have a wedding around Budapest. Being based on the countryside it was practical to have somebody involved in, to do site visits, meet the couples, etc. So I called Viki "again". Next phase was in 2010, when my daughter was born. Obviously I couldn't work on weddings with a baby, so I called Viki. :D So after having 5 years together this way in 2021 we established our ltd. The rest is history as it is said. 

But let's get back to how the idea came to be an international wedding planner in Hungary. As a secondary-school student I was learning 5 languages at the same time. I loved it. I wanted to do something with foreign languages. I was interested in diplomacy, but I knew it requires special skills, special "lifestyle" and I knew I was not enough brave for this. So I chose to get a college degree called "international relations". It gave me a lot of knowledge I still use for my work. After finishing the college I was working as foreign trader, and then (technical) interpreter and manager assistant in building industry. This is where "wedding planning found me". I didn't want to "loose" my English nor what I have learned as an expert of international relations. So I have created an English website for my wedding planning business.

After so many years I honestly can say I have "found myself" in this. We (international weddings, Viki and me) are a perfect match. I didn't have to give up either the priority of family or my rural lifestyle. For a bride living in Japan, the US, Australia or even in another country of Europe it doesn't matter, if I respond from Budapest, from Lake Balaton, from Croatia or our town. I'm 1 hour away from the capital, so anytime our clients travel to Hungary I can meet them in Budapest (or at Lake Balaton or wherever their wedding venue is located). And I also have Viki living in Budapest, if there is anything to arrange there. In addition, she is in charge for the Hungarian weddings and I am in charge for the international ones as a general rule, however we both do both of them depending on the wedding date our clients chose. 

This job gives me freedom, creativity, a full-time job, a good way to get know different cultures, meet people realy from every corner of the World. My dreams came true and it helps me to be able to still be an enthusiastic, committed and professional helping you, if you want a wedding in Hungary.


Hungarian Wedding Award 2012 "Wedding planner of the year": Losonczi Viktória

Hungarian Wedding Award 2012 "Premium Award": Varga-Kovács Tímea

Hungarian Wedding Award 2013 "Innovation of the year": Wedding Garden Budapest

Hungarian Wedding Award 2019 "Wedding planner of the year": Red Shoes Weddings

LTG European Awards 2017 winner:

LTG Wedding Awards 2018 "Wedding Specialist of the year": Varga-Kovács Tímea

LTG Wedding Awards 2019 "Wedding Specialist of the year":

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