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Unity candle ceremony aka wedding candle ceremony

Frissítve: jan. 11.

As outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, wedding candle ceremonies are disappearing nowadays. We still wanted to introduce this romantic solution You can involve, if planning an indoor ceremony (i.e. a church one or civil or symbolic).

wedding candle ceremony - unity candle ceremony
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As all of the wedding unity ceremonies, wedding candle ceremony also symbolises the same: your separate lives are becoming one in the moment saying I do.

For this You need three candles: 2 thinner one (1 for the bride and 1 for the groom) and 1 thicker one in the middle. When browsing the Internet You can find countless wedding candle sets in different shapes, colours and themes.

This unity ceremony can be incorporated also to church, civil and symbolic ceremonies. You just need to tell your priest, registrar or celebrant and he/she will know how to introduce it. But if not, here You can find some examples from Celebrant Eric (US):

Its most obvious appearing within the ceremony is after the I does and exchange of the rings. Your “individual candles” are lit from the beginning and at this part the celebrant calls You to lit the middle one. You both step to the altar (ceremony table) and lit the middle candle at the same time. It’s quite easy. :) And then You blow out the individual candle in your hand and that’s it, wedding candle ceremony is done.

Of course, You can keep the middle mutual candle. It should stand on your shelf as an everyday reminder about your wedding day and your love. And when celebrating your wedding anniversaries, You can light it again to bring memories back. :)

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