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Checklist to a traditional Hungarian wedding

Frissítve: jan. 11.

Hungarian wedding customs can differ from the wedding traditions of your country. We would like to give Your a brief summary about a typical Hungarian wedding, but of course, we can plan your wedding on the basis of the wedding traditions of your country too. We have experience and good ideas in realising multinational and international mix of wedding traditions also.

traditional Hungarian wedding - the coin dance
Photo credit: Adam Walla

Hungarian wedding feast takes for one day. The celebration starts with the ceremonies. You may have an official or symbolic civil wedding ceremony and there are the (legally not binding) church ceremonies too. Usually, the following program is the wedding dinner in a restaurant with a lot of food, lot of alcohol, lol, and lot of dance. The typical wedding menu consists of chicken soup, stew and mixed roasted meats. Wedding cake arrives around 10 p.m. and then the couple “dances for money”, which is the occasion to hand over Your wedding gift (present or some financial contribution to the costs of starting the new life together). At midnight the couple changes their clothes (traditionally its colour is red or Burgundy). At the same time the midnight menu is also served with stuffed cabbage, roasted meats and fresh salads. After then the dance continues till dawn. For the entertainment of the guests You can rent a master of ceremony or a traditional Hungarian Best Man (“vőfély”).

And here it is our "checklist to a traditional Hungarian wedding:

  • civil & church ceremony

  • welcome drink (“pálinka” - strong Hungarian spirit),

  • cheese and crackling salty cake (“pogácsa”)

  • wedding dinner in a traditional Hungarian restaurant: home-made style chicken soup, beef stew, roasted/grilled/breaded meats, stuffed cabbage at midnight

  • live music

  • famous Hungarian wines

  • lot of dance

  • games with the best man/mc

  • dance of candles

  • money-dance

  • changing wedding gowns at midnight

  • dance till dawn

(Disclaimer: wedding traditions and food can be different in the different regions of Hungary.)

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