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Your wedding planner for weddings in Hungary since 2009.

As per our credo your most important "task" on your wedding day is to celebrate, love each other and be together with your guests. For everything else, we are there for you.


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Planning a wedding at first time (which is usually also the last) is enough tricky without living in another country and/or not speaking the language, not knowing the local circumstances and vendors.


We have experience in organising international, multi-cult and destination weddings, elopements in Hungary since 2009. We have clients coming from more than 40 countries from all over the World (from Japan through Australia and South-America up to Canada and a lot of European countries and even Africa and the Middle-East).


We do believe that we can help you no matter if you are dreaming about a small, a medium or a big wedding here.

Let's set an appointment for an introductory conversation with no obligation! We tell you how we can help you to make your wedding dreams come true.

About us


The blond.

Social person.


Based in Budapest.


Meets friends in free time.

Night owl.

Goes to meetings, site visits.

Café Latte.

Rather calls you up.

Mother of two (boy and girl).

Extremely kind.

Responsible for Hungarian weddings.

One half of a whole.

budapest wedding planner


The brown.

Book lover.


Based in Szekszárd.


Reads and travels in free time.

Early bird.

Do the paperwork and social media.


Rather writes you and e-mail.

Mother of a girl.

Practical, rational.

Responsible for international weddings

The other half of a whole.

wedding in hungary

Christie, 2017

The fact that we had a wedding planner meant immeasurable help and security to me. During the getting ready, she took a lot of the burden off our shoulders, she knew exactly what kind of service providers we were looking for, she organised and arranged every meeting. And on the day of the wedding, I didn't have to worry about whether all the vendors were in place, everyone was paid, everything was going to the fleet, but we really had to focus only on ourselves and the wedding guests and living all moments of the most beautiful day of our lives.

wedding in budapest

Bogi, 2018

It gave me tremendous security to have a wedding planner, and on the big day I was able to pay attention only to my new husband, guests, and myself. Even so, there are a lot of stimuli, congratulations, emotions, and that one wonderful day passes so fast.

I didn't want to have to deal with the issues that arise during the day, the technical details, instructing the vendors, etc... Finally it was a fabulous wedding, one of the pillars of which was the careful planning.

hungary wedding planner

Helena, 2019

I wanted a team that would realize my ideas. Since the wedding did not take place in the country where we live, choosing the right wedding planner was paramount. I work in the legal field and I needed someone with a similar work ethic. Trust, honesty and accuracy were very important to me. Because we had a wedding planner, we didn’t have to deal with time and scenario.

wedding planner hungary

Timi & Csabi, 2019

Since we lived abroad far enough before our wedding, it was almost unthinkable to have a big day without a wedding planner. We got plenty of good tips for all the services we needed, the only thing we had was to choose the one that best suited us. We were able to experience the wedding day much more personally, we could deal with each other, our little girl and our guests.


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